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Expert Information Technology/Engineering



While in high school I had a nag for being the go-to guy for nearly all IT related issues and questions. As time rose I figured, “Why not get paid for this?”  Shortly after in 2007 I became the Lab Technician for the Campus, the Multimedia Academy Technician, Network Facilitator and many more positions. Before I knew it my graduation had come along, the Business had a name and I was ready to start what I now know as iReval, the central IT/Engineering company that started in 2006.

Small Businesses have a huge advantage over the big corporations. The interaction and facilitation to learn your name! The personal touch is what allows me to love my job, my creation iReval. The thought behind every assistance we provide is VIP. We want to make sure you have all your needs met and if we are not the best fit we make sure we recommend other small businesses that can. Small business community is the best way to obtain the unmatched one to one courtesy.

When ever I have a project at hand I love to jam-on to various artists, be in tune so to speak to facilitate and make sure you know I love what I do. Taking apart, replacing, installing and other ways of providing a service is an art. It’s a way to express talent and creativity while being accurate on the task at hand.

I’ve been in the IT/Engineering industry for over 12 years, certified in endless fields of computing and constantly taking courses to make sure i’m up to date. Attend trainings and web seminars to make sure that what I do as a Certified Tech is constant with the standards of the company product we are currently using.

I’m asked where I see iReval going, where I want it to go? Well simply everywhere, but more concrete to you. I believe that marketing is a secondary way to obtaining business and that word of mouth/recommendations is the first. Someone who recommends you a customer will have a higher possibility of staying your loyal customer than those brought in by marketing. Thus far, the company has been successful for 12 years and we will make sure we continue to strive. The company idea for the immediate future and future has been made clear by our customers. To grow but never change the service, to manage but never take away to power of the customer. Those are words to run iReval by.